Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 159 The Child Is Missing

Chapter 159 The Child Is Missing

Nathan agreed to her request and left. After tucking Eden to sleep, Irene stood by the door of the White family and glanced around nervously, checking her phone every few minutes. Why hadn't Nathan called her? Had something really happened to Edric? All of a sudden, the phone rang. Irene answered it immediately, "Nathan, have you found him?" "I'm not Nathan!" Edric said in a low voice. "It's you. Where are you? John is looking for you everywhere..." "Irene, I have something to tell you," Edric interrupted her. "Can you not marry Nathan?" Irene was silent for a moment. "No!" "Are my mistakes really unforgivable? Can't you just forgive me this once?"  Irene let his question hang. Was Edric truly that unforgivable? She had loathed him before and thought him inexcusable. But after knowing the truth, her hatred for him had abated. She had considered getting back together with him for Eden's sake; she really had. But with Margaret hovering aro

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