Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 160 Show Her What I'm Made Of

Chapter 160 Show Her What I'm Made Of

Originally, Nathan was going to accompany Irene back to the country. However, the previous incident at the factory had disrupted his plan; one of the disobliging workers had filed a lawsuit against him. As the defendant, he wasn't allowed to leave the country. Nathan was distraught; he had no choice but to call Jordan. Jordan jumped up in anger when he heard Nathan tell him that Margaret had brought Eden back to the country secretly. "For God's sake, what's wrong with you? Didn't you promise me that you would protect Irene and Eden? How could you let that crazy woman snatch Eden away?" "It's my fault. I had never for the life of me expected Edric's mother to come all the way here. I'm worried about Irene going back to the country alone. On top of that, Eden's health is at stake. Please help Irene. After I'm done handling some work stuff, I'll rush over immediately." Nathan felt culpable as well. Joanne was the one who had started all this. If she had not revealed to Edric

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