Chapter 162 Broken Leg

Edric arrived precisely at that time. Alarmed to see Margaret rolling down the stairs, he hurried forward and asked, "Mom, are you all right?" Margaret screamed, "My leg! My leg hurts so much!" Irene was also shocked to see Margaret fall down the stairs. However, seeing that Edric was there, she decided to pay no heed and continued to stride out with Eden in his arms. Jordan and Kinsey followed closely. After the three of them reached the front desk, Irene informed the nurse about her identity and asked her to discharge Eden. The nurse frowned. "Do you have any proof of you being the child's mother?" "Yes, and I'll show you my identity card and passport." Irene hurriedly reached for her identity card from her leather purse. She had just got off the plane, hence both her identity card and passport were still with her, which could be used to prove the relationship between her and Eden. The nurse eyed her documents and said, "The child is n

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