Chapter 163 To Sue Her

Seeing how Margaret had closed herself off to any room for discussion, Edric slammed the door and left. Furious, Margaret panted, "You ungrateful brat, just you wait. I'll surely sue Irene! I must let you know I am your mother and I am someone whom you two can trifle with." Margaret confirmed with the lawyer that she wished to sue Irene. Soon, Irene received a letter from the lawyer. Jordan immediately hired a lawyer for her upon learning that. Margaret requested the lawyer to hand over the surveillance video to the court. The judge gathered that although Irene didn't mean to hurt Margaret, she had indeed caused serious injury to Margaret. Hence, the judge concluded that Irene should pay monetary compensation to Margaret and go for detention.  However, the judge still recommended letting them reach a consensus in private. Edric went to Margaret again. "Mom, Irene is pregnant. Even if you do not have the slightest care for her, please at least think about that unborn baby

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