Chapter 165 Suspicions

At noon the next day, Steven brought a large bag of gifts over to Jordan's villa. Irene heard the doorbell and opened the door. When she discovered that it was Steven at the door, her expression immediately darkened. "Why are you here?" she asked. "I'm here to see my grandson!" Steven yelled. He had no concern over Irene's indifferent attitude and went straight into the villa. Eden was occupied with solving a puzzle in the living room when he heard Steven's voice and looked up. This was the first time Steven had seen Eden. He instantly took a liking to him. Eden bore a resemblance to Irene. He placed the gift he bought in front of Eden and affectionately touched Eden's head, saying, "You're Eden, right? I'm your grandfather." "Grandfather? What's that?" Eden asked curiously with his eyes wide open. Irene had never mentioned the word 'grandfather' in front of him; hence, he didn't know what it meant. Steven's face turned a little red. "It means I'm your mothe

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