Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 166 Suspicions (II)

Chapter 166 Suspicions (II)

Edric got out of the car and went straight into the pharmacy. He saw Loraine and Tommy at the prescription counter. Although Tommy was standing beside Loraine, his eyes were darting around the store. Tommy saw Edric the moment he stepped off the elevator. When he saw Edric, he distanced himself from Loraine without thinking and took the initiative to approach Edric. "Mr. Myers!" Tommy's greeting made Loraine, who had her back to Edric, turn her head. She was obviously shocked when she saw Edric. Fortunately, Tommy was now talking to Edric so Loraine could use some time to process the situation. After a moment, she went back to having a neutral expression on her face. After calming herself down, she marched over to Edric as if nothing had happened. "Mr. Myers, nice meeting you. When did you return to San Fetillo?" "I just came back today," Edric answered. "How is my mother?" "She has recovered well, but her mood isn't doing too well. You could pay her

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