Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 167 Never Have I Ever Felt This Helpless

Chapter 167 Never Have I Ever Felt This Helpless

Seeing Edric leave, Loraine bought the honeysuckle she was looking for and left the pharmacy too. On the way back, she called her son. "Tommy, are you sure he doesn't find anything suspicious?" "Don't worry. We aren't related in any way. There's no possibility that he'd put the two of us together," Tommy answered. After hearing that, Loraine felt much relieved. The only people who knew that Tommy was her son were Deborah and herself. As a matter of fact, both Deborah and she were from the same village. Back then, Loraine herself was also from Cat Alley. Moreover, she was only a few years older than Deborah; thus, it made sense if they were friends. There were all sorts of people who lived in Cat Alley. People who were born there found it hard to escape the clutches of it. Loraine's family wasn't rich, so naturally, her childhood wasn't an easy one. Their family earned a living by setting up a food stall by the roadside. They would wake up in the wee hours of

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