Chapter 169 I Hate Him

"Irene, there's no reason for you to be mad. Let me tell you, your best choice now is to marry Edric. You already have two children together anyways. I'm sure it'll be easier for you to stay with their father than finding a stepfather for them." "Mom!" A childish, nasally voice suddenly came out of nowhere. Looking around, they saw Eden standing at the door with his eyes peered wide open. "Aren't you going to marry Nathan? Why is it Edric now?" Shocked, Irene stared at Eden. Since when was Eden awake? Shouldn't he be taking his nap? Judging by the look on his face, he must've heard their entire conversation. Joanne should be d*mned! "Because Edric is your biological father," Joanne answered Eden with a measure of spite. "Joanne White!" Irene raised her voice. At this moment, she really wanted to rip Joanne's mouth apart. "Edric is my father? Is that true?" Eden's eyes searched for Irene's face, seeking confirmation. He only believed in Irene's words,

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