Chapter 170 Let's Talk

After finishing everything, Eden slammed the door shut. Edric smiled bitterly as he thought, "Really, Eden must have gotten that temper from Irene." Crouching, he picked up the things that Eden had thrown out, one by one. Suddenly, he heard a voice behind him. "Well! Isn't this Mr. Myers? What are you doing outside my house?" Edric looked back and was met with Jordan standing behind him, arms crossed, his sinister-looking eyes filled with conceit. Edric remained silent as he continued to pick the things up and placed them in a bag. Only when he was done that he extended his hand at Jordan for a handshake, "Mr. Reed, what a pleasure to see you!" "Ah, please, don't hold me in such high regard." Jordan didn't have any intentions to shake hands with him. "Edric, I'm beginning to belittle you even more. Are you really in a hurry to fight with Irene for Eden's custody? He is your son, and he's sick right now. Don't you think you're being cruel by telling him all of that?"

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