Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 171 Working Together

Chapter 171 Working Together

Finally, Lily decided to meet Joanne at a café near the Cook family home. Joanne rushed to the café and found that Lily had yet to arrive. Slightly infuriated, she thought, "What's wrong with her? I'd already agreed to meet her near her place, and yet she's making me wait?" While she was holding in her dissatisfaction, Lily walked in and urged her the moment she sat down, "Hurry up and speak, I'm in a rush." "Miss Cook, why are you so busy?" Joanne sneered. "If that's the case, I'm not gonna talk about it. You'd better go and attend to your business." "Miss White, what do you mean? It was not easy for me to take the time to meet you. How can you fool me like this?" Lily was annoyed. "I'm not fooling around with you. The things I want to tell you, they're crucial. You have to show your sincerity," Joanne said as she ordered the waiter to serve the drinks. She picked the cup and took a sip. However, Lily did not budge. Joanne found her acting even weirder. How

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