Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 16 Not Holding On To Her

Chapter 16 Not Holding On To Her

In the darkness of night, a beautifully-designed black car was parked under the building Irene and Thomas lived in.  The light was dim and the cigarette was flickering in the car, illuminating the man's gloomy face. The watch on his wrist showed it was 3 am already. Yet the woman was still nowhere to be seen. Edric, who had been waiting in the car for five hours, cracked a sarcastic smile. He knew she would stay outside all night when he saw the woman and Jordan left the hotel together intimately. But he still couldn't control himself and had to come and have a look. There was still a trace of hope remaining in his heart. Yet it turned out it was nothing but an unrealistic fantasy.  He threw away the cigarette butt angrily, started the car, and soon disappeared into the darkness. His mother, Margaret, was still waiting for him in the living room when he arrived at home. She complained when she saw Edric coming back, "Edric, what's wrong

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