Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 17 I Don't Give A D*mn About Your Stinking Money

Chapter 17 I Don't Give A D*mn About Your Stinking Money

Margaret saw Edric coming downstairs as she stepped through the door. She sat down angrily and said, "Edric, that Irene is really shameless. We all underestimated her in the past." "Mom, did you go to find her?" Edric frowned slightly. "I didn't go to her. She was the one who came to me. She suddenly found me this morning and asked me to give her 10 million." Eager to smear Irene, Margaret certainly didn't speak the truth.  "She came to you? Why would she go to you for no reason?" Edric asked. "She's not resigned! Since the divorce, she has been penniless and jealous about your upcoming engagement with Lily and your company's success. That's why she came to me, asking for money. She said she would tell people how Lily got pregnant back then and defame both of you if we don't give her money." "Did she really say that?" "Of course it's true. I'm your mother. Why do I lie to you?" Margaret was well-prepared when she went to see Irene. She took out

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