Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 175 An Act Put On By The Mother And Daughter Duo

Chapter 175 An Act Put On By The Mother And Daughter Duo

Lily came back to her senses and immediately knelt down in front of Steven. "Dad, I beg you to let me keep my children! If I get rid of them, I will never be able to have a child again in my life!" "Lily, it's not that I don't want you to keep your babies. But rather these children... Sigh!" If it was another man's children, Steven definitely would have let her keep them. However, the unborn twins belonged to Edric. He had just gone to Irene to persuade her to get back together with Edric. Now that this had occurred, how could he face Irene? Deborah stretched out her hand to wipe her tears. "My child, this is your fate. Just accept it!" "Dad, it's so cruel for a woman to be infertile forever. Someone set me up to this. It's not my fault. You can't do this to me!" Lily was not pretending this time. If Steven really wanted her to get rid of her children, then her life would really be done for. Edric would not have anything to do with her and she would never be

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