Chapter 176 Petrified

After persuading Margaret to go back to her room to sleep, Edric also went back to his own room. After taking a shower, John called him, "Mr. Myers, Steven had just taken Lily and Deborah to the hospital in Caulford City today." "They went to a hospital so far away?" Edric was confused. "Yes. I had asked people to follow him, but all I could find out was that Steven had just met up with his old classmate, Chris Cassady. Due to the fact that the meeting was held in private, we could not confirm what they were doing. However, this Chris Cassady is a well-known gynecologist in Caulford City," John answered. "Is that so?" Edric was stunned. At that time, why was Steven finding a gynecologist expert for Deborah and Lily? Did Steven know that Lily had colluded with Deborah to plot against him? No, he had to talk to Steven and tell him that he had nothing to do with Lily at all. After thinking for a while, John added, "I had asked someone to investigate Lora

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