Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 177 Important Information

Chapter 177 Important Information

Edric told Irene everything that happened without hiding anything. He didn't know what kind of judgment he would face. He did not expect Irene to forgive him. He only hoped that Irene would not stop him from seeing Eden. "Are you saying that she worked with Rowane to drug you and then took advantage of you and got pregnant that way?" Irene looked at Edric in surprise. She never thought that Edric would talk to her about this matter. She believed that Edric would try his best to hide this matter instead of coming clean. Edric nodded. "I can't completely remember what happened that night, so only Lily knows what really happened. I guess she must have done something to me when I was unconscious, and that's how she got pregnant." Thinking of Lily being so brazen to do such a thing to Edric, Irene felt uncomfortable. "Edric has nothing to do with you anymore. It's natural for him to be with another woman," She told herself, then shook her head and tried to

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