Chapter 178 Inheritance

Finishing her sentence, Kinsey left, leaving only the sound of her high heels click-clacking. She got in the car and started the engine. In the rearview mirror, she saw Joanne remaining still in place and staring in her direction. Kinsey snorted inwardly. Everyone's sweetheart? She was nothing but a show-off. It was Irene who did not fight with others. It was also her bad luck to have bumped into Joanne. Kinsey started the car and drove away, humming. On the way, she pondered a while before calling Jordan, "Your fiancé was at the entrance of the TV station and she stopped me. She didn't want me to have any ulterior motives towards you." "Really?" Jordan laughed. Joanne had gone to look for Kinsey? With Kinsey's temper, Joanne must have been devastated. He was very interested in what Kinsey had done to Joanne, so he asked, "How did you deal with her?" "What are you talking about? I was so terrified of her, that I burst into tears on the spot. I'm immediately calling

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