Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 179 A Violent Beating

Chapter 179 A Violent Beating

"Don't you hate me because of my mother? Irene, have some common sense. It was your good-for-nothing mother who could not hold onto her man. So why are you directing your hate towards me? As for Edric, there's no smoke without fire. If he was that innocent, do you think someone would be scheming against him? You're so ruthless over a man. One day, karma will get you," Lily knew what Irene's soft spots were and she was purposely provoking her. Irene was so angry that she couldn't help but slap Lily across her face. Lily covered her face and didn't fight back, but she stared fiercely at Irene's stomach. She couldn't make the first move against Irene right now. She had to provoke Irene first so that she could push Irene down in the name of self-defense. "Look at your son. He's got such a serious illness at such a young age. It's all because of you, his mother..." Before she could finish her words, a voice suddenly rang out, "B*tch, you've got some nerve. How dare come

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