Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 180 Her Plan Was Backfiring

Chapter 180 Her Plan Was Backfiring

"What's this?" Irene did not take it. "This is the key to the bank's safe. There's some jewelry and gold bars inside. I'm handing them over to you today," Steven replied. "Why are you giving this to me?" Irene thought that Steven was just here to denounce her, but surprisingly he was gifting her assets. However, why was he giving the key to her right now? He had been here a few times before, so why not then? "Irene, I have something to ask of you," Steven didn't dare to look at Irene. "About Lily?" Irene sneered. She should have known Steven could not be so kind. "You know about Lily's condition. There's something wrong with her body. If she gets rid of the baby, she won't be able to have a child ever again, so I've come to you to ask you..." "Mr. Cook, don't you think you're looking for the wrong person?" Irene interrupted him. "Lily is pregnant with Edric's child. You should go look for Edric and Margaret instead." "Edric is very angry

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