Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 182 Fight For Justice

Chapter 182 Fight For Justice

Kinsey went to a nearby restaurant for lunch at noon. After ordering, she took a sip of water. Suddenly, a discordant voice could be heard next to her, "How could you do this to me? I gave birth to you and even came out to work to support our family. Yet, you took my money to spend on your mistress. How can you be so shameless?" Kinsey looked over and saw a woman in overalls angrily pointing at a couple who was eating. The woman's face was full of anger and despair. The woman next to the man was dressed fabulously, and she did not appear to be scared after being caught. Instead, she sneered at the wife, "Look at yourself, your skin is sallow, and your eyes are dull. It's no wonder no man likes you." "You're going too far!" The woman in overalls was so angry that she was trembling. She grabbed a plate on the table and dumped it over the fashionably dressed lady's head. The woman screamed, her face covered in sauce and oil. She was so angry that she got up and

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