Chapter 183 Upset

"Are you serious?" Margaret's face suddenly changed. Her own father had previously been seduced by her mother's best friend, hence her strong hatred for mistresses. Although she knew Deborah had been a mistress, for the sake of dealing with Irene, Margaret had kept one eye closed to the matter. Now that this matter had been exposed by her friends, she could not play dumb anymore even if she wanted to. "Yes I'm serious. Apparently Mr. Cook's ex-wife used to be very good to her, she even asked him to pay her a visit while he was on a business trip. Unexpectedly, that shameless creature seduced her best friend's husband and gave birth to a daughter. Anyone would break down if this happened to them, after that, Mr. Cook's ex-wife died in a car accident. From this, Deborah rose up to the official title of his wife and she even forced her stepdaughter out of the house. After that, Mr. Cook got transferred, so no one found out about this. Everyone just assumed that she had been his wif

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