Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 184 Had She Been Set Up All Along?

Chapter 184 Had She Been Set Up All Along?

Deborah felt uncomfortable, so she only greeted the wife of Director Zachary, Diana, who she had a good relationship with. Diane reluctantly said a few words to her and then made an excuse to leave. Usually when Diane saw her, she would be talking with her non-stop. What was going on? Deborah realized that something had gone awry, and so did Steven. On the way back, he asked her, "Aren't you quite close to Mrs. Zachary? Why is she ignoring you? " Deborah didn't know, "I don't know why either. Maybe she's going through menopause." Steven just snorted, "What menopause? You must have offended her. Didn't I tell you that you should pay as much attention as possible when you're dealing with these people? Director Zachary will be promoted soon. We can't afford to offend him." Deborah felt upset after being nagged by Steven, but she did not dare to refute him. She returned home in a fit of anger, but no matter how she thought about it, she couldn't figure out the r

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