Chapter 185 An Apology

The only way that Deborah could think of in order to shut Freya up was to not let Freya go out. She had issues dealing with Kinsey, but managing Freya would not be too much of a hassle. She called Logan to settle the matter immediately. Logan called his men to break Freya's legs. Edric knew instantly when Freya was admitted into the hospital. Although Freya did not have a good character, there was no need to hurt her to the brink of death. Naturally, Edric thought that it was Lily and her mother's doing. It seemed that this mother-daughter duo was not alone and had gotten help from someone else. So, the plan now was to identify who had helped them. Edric ordered John to investigate this matter carefully. His task was to find out who was the accomplice working with Deborah and her daughter. Deborah grew up in the Cat Alley and was friends with the Cat Alley gangsters. It was rather likely that this gang was also from the Cat Alley. John began to scrutinize ga

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