Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 187 Tremble With Fear

Chapter 187 Tremble With Fear

After the conversation with Edric, he left and Steven began to suspect something, Was Edric really not suspicious of anyone, or had he been unwilling to say so? He had to find out the truth as soon as possible and get rid of it before others found out. Steven held uncertainties towards Deborah. When he went back, he looked at Deborah with a suspicious look. Although Steven did not say anything, Deborah, who had always observed him, felt that something was amiss. So, Deborah went to ask the driver, Tommy. Tommy had been following Steven every day. Naturally, he would know Steven's schedule very well. He immediately reported to Deborah about Steven's visit to the police station. Deborah was frightened upon hearing that Bert had been caught. It seemed that Bert had confessed something to make Steven suspect her. Since Deborah really had done horrible things, she trembled with fear. However, when she was scheming against Irene, she did not contact Bert pe

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