Chapter 188 The Spy

Not only was Irene surprised that Margaret came to apologize, but Thomas was too. Margaret used to be arrogant and had always acted like a snob. Why did she suddenly put down her ego and apologize? Irene had broken Margaret's leg. At that time, Margaret hated Irene so much that she had even sued her for assault and sent her to prison. However, now, why was she so kind and willing to accept her again and she even felt regretful for what she did? It was just unbelievable. After Margaret left, Thomas and Irene talked about it. Thomas felt that Margaret's changing of her mind was strange. She must have had other motives and Irene should be wary of her. Irene also agreed and felt that Margaret was acting abnormal. She could not believe her words. While they were talking, Edric entered in a hurry. As he came through the door, he asked, "Irene, did my mother come to apologize just now?" Irene nodded, "Yes, Uncle Thomas and I were just talking about this matter. Why

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