Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 189 Gifting Bird's Nest

Chapter 189 Gifting Bird's Nest

Margaret saw that Irene's figure was very thin. She knew that she was worried about Eden's health, so she comforted and gave Irene some advice. Irene's priority was to take care of herself to ensure the baby in her stomach developed healthily, and Eden's illness would also be cured in time. After talking for a while, Margaret bid them goodbye and left. On the way back, Margaret was still worried. Irene was so slim and weak, so would her baby be healthy? She had to find a way to make Irene gain more weight. Margaret thought about buying some nutritious food to nourish Irene's body. After returning home, Margaret specifically looked into recipes for pregnant women and found out that pregnant women in Singapore and Hong Kong had begun to eat bird's nests during the first two or three months. It not only made the mother strong, but would also make the future newborn child stronger, more fair, beautiful, and have a stronger immune system. The bird's nest was a nourishin

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