Chapter 190 Clarifying In Person

Irene already had doubts about Margaret's sudden kindness, and now the suspicion in her heart was growing bigger and bigger. Was Margaret deliberately trying to confuse her so that she would be less on her guard and then she would find a chance to harm her? Although the idea was a little unbelievable, she did not dare to risk her baby's life. She smiled faintly and said, "Alright, I like to add some milk into the bird's nest. I'll go add some and then eat it." As she spoke, she turned around and entered the room as Loraine followed behind her. After only just a few steps, Irene turned around and stopped her, "Oh, I've forgotten one thing. Last time, when Mrs. Myers brought Eden back, he was greatly frightened. He was always afraid to see you two. You'd better not go in and let him see you. Otherwise, he would cry." Loraine stopped walking and asked awkwardly, "He's even afraid of me?" "Yes, ever since he came back from the hospital that day, he has been sayi

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