Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 192 She Was A Suspect

Chapter 192 She Was A Suspect

Irene noticed Edric's tightly knitted brows and gloomy face. She knew at that instant that he was feeling solemn. His father had passed away early, and Margaret had taken care of him all by herself. Hence, both the mother and son had a strong bond with each other. Today, Margaret was given a notice of her having critical illness, and the doctors said the surgery was overly risky. If she did not survive the operation, then she would likely remain in a vegetative state. Irene had completely forgotten all of Margaret's insults and bullying in the past. She prayed that Margaret's surgery would be successful. Then, Edric would not need to be depressed. In that instant, she realized that she was still deeply in love with Edric, and that was the only reason that caused her to be sad and worried for him. She gently touched Edric's hand and said softly, "Edric, don't worry too much. Mrs. Myers is a good person, so the heavens will protect her." Edric looked up at her

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