Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 193 Showing One's True Colors

Chapter 193 Showing One's True Colors

Loraine jogged towards Irene and Edric's side and saw that a paper cup had fallen on the ground. Water was splashed everywhere. She acted surprised and asked, "What happened?" "Mrs. Myers is in poor health, and Mr. Myers is in a bad mood," John explained. Loraine was a professional in reading situations. Since John was trying to dissuade Edric, she knew in an instant what just happened. Irene must have tried to pass a cup of water to Edric, but he did not appreciate it and had knocked over the cup. She was secretly pleased. Irene's face was flustered. She had noticed that Edric's lips were dry and cracked, so she poured him a cup of water. Who would have thought that Edric wouldn't have appreciated it and instead knocked it over with a wave? He even spat out that she was pretending to be kind. Edric had always treated Irene well. Even when he divorced her years ago, he had never snapped at her like that. Irene felt somewhat aggrieved. If she had not been wor

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