Chapter 194 Pretending To Persuade

Listening to the heated argument between Irene and Edric in the living room, Lorraine smiled wryly. Judging from the situation, Edric had fallen for the lie. He believed that Irene was responsible for Margaret's condition. She anticipated how things would unfold. The door slammed open and Irene dashed out of the living room, fuming mad as she left the house. "How can she be so ruthless and act so indignant despite what she has done? Does she really think that I won't call the police? John, call the police immediately! I want to how she'll act this innocent!" Edric was steaming with anger. He seized a cup and smashed it on the ground as he yelled. Fear clutched at Loraine's throat when she heard what he said. Would Edric really call the police? If he really called the police, things would become complicated. The police had become more experienced in cracking crimes. Things would turn ugly if they discovered that Deborah had come over. Loraine panicked as the

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