Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 195 Relief Finally Washed Over Her

Chapter 195 Relief Finally Washed Over Her

They arrived at the hospital and bumped into Marie who had come over to visit Margaret. She wiped away his tears as she approached him, "Edric, what happened? She was still fine when I visited her this morning. We had even planned to go on a vacation once she had recovered. What on earth happened to her?" Tears trickled down her cheeks as she spoke, seeming devastated. Edric hid the disgust towards the woman in his eyes and pretended to be furious, "It's all because of Irene. She came over to question my mother today regarding something and pushed her. She's the culprit." "Irene pushed her? Are you sure?!" Marie exclaimed in disbelief. "It can't be a mistake. It has to be her. She once slapped my mother in front of me. Just now I was away, and it was the perfect opportunity for her to treat my mother as harshly as she wanted." Edric clenched his fist, "If she wasn't pregnant, I would...she really is too vicious!" Seeing that he was simmering with anger, Mari

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