Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 196 Evidence of the Affair

Chapter 196 Evidence of the Affair

John immediately arranged for someone to follow Luther. He also went to the police station and asked a contact to show him CCTV footage of the route that Marie had taken to go to Edric's villa. He found that while Marie was on the way to the villa, there had been someone sitting at the back of her car. The person was covered up so well so their face could not be seen clearly. On the way back, the same person was still in Marie's car. This time however, Marie had taken a turn into a small alley, and after she came back out, the person in her car was gone. Although they could not see the person's appearance clearly, it was a meaningful discovery. When Marie had gone to the Myers home, the blackout had not happened yet, which meant that the surveillance cameras in the villa were still working. Perhaps they would be able to uncover something. John hurried back to get the surveillance footage of the villa. He saw that while Marie's car had entered the property, the pers

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