Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 199 Another Plot

Chapter 199 Another Plot

"I have to ask them what's going on. I won't stand being fooled like this." "Sit down. I haven't finished talking yet," Jordan pulled Kinsey back to the seat, "Do you know why they lied to you?" "I was going to find out why, wasn't I?" "They won't tell you even if you ask. Let me tell you why instead," Jordan sneered, "That man is a friend of Deborah's lover. Didn't you hit Lily? I think they were trying to set you up as a form of revenge." "They acted all that out just to set me up?" Kinsey had an incredulous look on her face. If they really wanted to harm her, they could have just gotten someone to beat her up. Why go through so much trouble? "I just figured it out too," Jordan smirked, "You beat Lily until her face was swollen, so Deborah must hate you. However, now with everything that's been going on, she doesn't dare to deal with you openly, so she set up such a scene. If you got injured because you were trying to stand up for justice, no one wi

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