Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 200 A Price To Be Paid

Chapter 200 A Price To Be Paid

Tommy had always been an ignorant person. All he knew how to do was eat, drink, gamble, and play with women. Before, he had gotten into a fight over a woman and almost gone to prison. He only managed to escape imprisonment with Deborah's help. Deborah wasn't helping him out of kindness, rather she wanted to use Loraine. As expected, she did not let Deborah down. Tommy did nothing all day. Loraine was worried that her son would go down the wrong path again so she asked Deborah to help him find a job. It took Deborah a lot of time to find a job for Tommy. He was uneducated yet he picky with his work. He wanted an easy yet high paying job. Deborah successively found several jobs for him but he would always mess them up. In the end, she had no choice but to hire him as Steven's driver. Tommy had always been on the lower end of society. He was so happy when he heard from his mother that he had been hired to serve a high-end figure. Although he was m

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