Chapter 201 Trouble

A group of policemen and members of the Business Association showed up at the nightclub, locking it down and putting it under investigation due to a report that was lodged against them for allegedly selling illegal liquor. The liquor, costing up to millions, was then discovered in the warehouse of the club. Not only were the fake goods confiscated, a fine was also imposed upon the nightclub by the Business Association, as per accordance to the law. It was not a small number, ranging up from more than 50% to less than three times the market price of the authentic goods. Due to the huge amount of the confiscated goods, the operating license of nightclub was also suspended. It was hell of a day for Tommy. His club was locked down, his cash ran dry and he almost got himself a court case. If Deborah had not sought Steven's help, things would have turned out even worse. Compared to Tommy, who had lost all money, Logan and Deborah fared better, but they still lost all of

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