Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 209 A Horrible Scream In The Middle Of The Night

Chapter 209 A Horrible Scream In The Middle Of The Night

Both Deborah and Lily were taken aback to see Irene and Eden coming home to celebrate Steven's birthday. They exchanged glances and knew what this entailed. Didn't Marie say that Irene would leave San Fetillo soon? However, why did the situation turn out to be the opposite of what she had said? They knew it was time to have a chat with Marie about what was happening. Both the mother and daughter forced a smile as they faced Irene and Eden. Deborah even praised Eden, "Eden has grown up so handsomely! You'll definitely become a handsome man when you're older!" Lily hurriedly complemented her mother's actions. Eden asked Irene, "Mom, who are they?" Irene pointed at Deborah and Lily before explaining, "She is Mrs. Cook, and she is Mrs. Cook's daughter. You may call her Miss Cook." Eden nodded, "Hello, Mrs. Cook and Miss Cook!" The way he had greeted both Deborah and her daughter disgusted them. Eden was shocked to see Lily's pregnant belly and asked Irene

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