Chapter 210 The Truth

Irene had returned to the country for a few months already. Nathan initially thought that his factory's affairs would be resolved within a few days, and he could keep her company back in Haverland. However, the factory affairs became even more severe than he expected. Later, he was sued to court by one of his factory workers and could not go abroad at all. So, he had no choice but to stay in Mencodia. Irene had suffered loads of troubles during her days of coming back to her country. Jordan was kind enough to call Nathan to update him about Irene daily. Nathan missed Irene every day and blamed himself for not being able to split himself into two selves to accompany her. Fortunately, Jordan took care of Irene for him, so he felt somewhat relieved. Now that the factory's affairs were basically handled, he planned to return to the country in a few days. After work that day, Nathan did not return home. Instead, he went to a villa at the countryside. Nathan had b

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