Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 211 Finding Out About Her Identity

Chapter 211 Finding Out About Her Identity

Joanne lost her appetite due to her busy thoughts. She only finished half of her meal before resting on the sofa in the living room to brainstorming. While she was deep in thought, Nathan's phone rang in the living room. Joanne glanced at it and saw the name 'Jodie' on the screen. Just as she was about to ask Nathan who 'Jodie' was, he stood up to pick up the call. Joanne's curiosity sparked. She pricked her ears and listened carefully. She heard Nathan speaking gently and whispered the name 'Jodie' softly. After the other side said something, Nathan replied with an 'Oh no!' and he added, "Look at my poor memory. Please keep it for me. I'll collect it before I return to Haverland. Thank you." Joanne asked deliberately, "Nathan, who called you? Why did I hear a woman's voice? Are you having an affair with another lady behind Irene's back?" Nathan rushed to explain, "What nonsense are you spluttering? I went to the villa on the outskirts to do some gardening f

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