Chapter 212 Receiving An Anonymous Letter

The only thing he was worried about was his mother, Loraine, rejecting his decision. Not only was Cecilia a prostitute, but she was also much older than him as well, so his mother would definitely disagree with their relationship. He still depended on his mother, so he had to reveal the matter later on. One night, Sam brought a few bottles of wine and some dishes to Tommy's place for a hangout session. As they were drinking, Sam suddenly brought up a matter about his business, "Mr. Tommy, I heard a small piece of news about why your nightclub had been closed down. I'm just not sure if it's true or not." "Tell me about it," Tommy felt embarrassed to not have any money with him. He stayed home to scroll the Internet every day and had no idea about what was happening outside. "I heard that your nightclub was closed down because of your partner. Your partner had offended someone he shouldn't, so they deliberately chose to shut down the nightclub." "No way. Who t

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