Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 213 Her Real Identity

Chapter 213 Her Real Identity

After getting the photo from Nathan, Joanne returned to her room. She closed the door and observed Rowane's picture carefully again. Her lips stretched into a smile. Just as she was racking her brains on how to stop Nathan from returning to the country, a girl who looked like Irene appeared. Hence, she immediately thought of a plan and decided use this unknown girl as leverage to keep Nathan around. Therefore, she pretended to pity Rowane's situation and managed to get Nathan to bring Rowane home. Then, she would find an opportunity to carry out her plan. However, before she could execute her agenda, she had to ensure to fulfill the promise she had made. She sent Rowane's picture to her best friend, Linda, and asked to get her husband to investigate Rowane's identity. Britney and Nathan were furious with Joanne because of the incident with Irene. They were not as loving towards her as they had been in the past. Instead, they treated her coldly. She was anxious beca

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