Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 20 Engagement Gift

Chapter 20 Engagement Gift

Jordan and Irene returned to the office after lunch. He suddenly asked Irene in a serious tone, "Have you picked the engagement gift I asked you to choose for Edric?" "No!" "Well, you don't need to pick the gift now. I've already asked someone to buy it. You can deliver it on behalf of me!" "I'll deliver it for you?" Irene was shocked. "Yes, you will do it!" Jordan said in an unquestionable manner. Irene realized that she was making a fuss. She was Jordan's assistant. How could she not follow her boss's orders? Edric had long been a stranger to her. It was not a big deal for her to send a gift to an ordinary customer.  David handed over the gift he bought to Irene. She went to Edric's company right away. The receptionist stopped her and said she had to have an appointment to meet with the president. Irene told her that she was Mr. Reed's assistant and came here to send a gift on behalf of the Golden Age Group. The receptionist immediatel

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