Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 21 Chill In Her heart

Chapter 21 Chill In Her heart

Standing by the door with a bag in her hand, Lily was stunned by what she saw. Edric didn't panic at all for being caught by Lily. He turned his head and asked calmly, "Why are you here?" His voice was gentle yet his eyes were frosty. Lily felt a chill down her spine when she saw his stone cold face. "I... I came to..." Her words were stuck in her throat when she saw that the woman who was pushed against the wall by Edric was Irene. She thought that Edric was flirting with some other women in the office. But she never expected it was Irene. Why would Irene come to Edric's office? When did they hook up again? She was unsettled and agitated. Irene glanced at Lily's shocking face and sneered to herself. She pushed Edric away and walked out in long strides.  Although she didn't want to be forced by Edric, she still felt particularly relieved since Lily saw this scene. Back in the days, Lily shamelessly disrupted her marriage as if it was rig

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