Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 22 Take Turns On Her

Chapter 22 Take Turns On Her

Back in Jordan's company, Jordan was sitting in his office and having a fit of temper with a stern face. Documents were scattered all over the floor. David lowered his head and stood still without saying a word. Irene quickly picked up and organized the documents and put them in front of Jordan. Jordan wiped the anger off his face upon seeing Irene. "Call Keaton, the guy who is in charge of city construction!" "Okay!" Irene immediately picked up the phone and called Keaton. She reported to Jordan after the call, "Mr. Reed, Keaton agreed!" "Agreed? Haha, that old fox!" Jordan sneered with a weary look in his eyes. It was said that Keaton from the City Construction Bureau was a tough nut. As long as he was on board, everything would be easy to handle. However, Edric must have also thought of whatever Jordan could think of. Furthermore, Edric had one more card to play -- Steven Cook. Jordan's chances of winning were slim if Secretary Cook weighed

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