Chapter 215 Broken Leg

"You fool! Do you think you can leave here unharmed?" The grin on Maisy's face only made Deborah feel worse. She had done a lot of bad things and her instincts were telling her that something horrible was going to happen. She reached inside her bag for her phone, planning to tell Lily about her being trapped, but seconds later, all blood drained from her face. Her call was greeted by a pre-recorded message informing her that she had run out of credit. With his eyes fixed on Deborah, Steven sneered, "Oh, don't bother. My men have made sure that you won't be able to use your phone. The only help you can call is the police! Go on! Call the police! I'll be waiting right here!" How could Deborah make the call? Her hesitation confirmed her involvement in Myra's death. He took a thick metal bat from a corner of the study and slowly made his way towards Deborah. The latter knew she had to get away, but the driver and Maisy were blocking the entrance to the stairway, so she

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