Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 216 Fallen In Love With Him

Chapter 216 Fallen In Love With Him

The thing in Rowane's hands was actually Nathan's watch. After she had picked it the night before, she cleaned it thoroughly before putting it beside her pillow while she slept. While doing so, Rowane kept telling herself it was because she was worried that Nathan's watch would go missing and she meant nothing more. However, when she had woken up earlier that day, she had been so frightened that she had broken out in cold sweat due to a dream. In the dream, Nathan had walked towards her with a smile. He took her hand and asked her in his gentle voice if she would like to replace Irene as his girlfriend. When she agreed without much hesitation, Nathan's expression changed abruptly. He pushed her aside, pointed at her and scolded her that she was not worthy of being his woman, and that she looked too highly of herself. It all became clear to her. Deep inside her heart, she had fallen for Nathan, thus she craved for his attention. So, she quickly realized that she was

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