Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 218 Released From Prison

Chapter 218 Released From Prison

Steven must have found something out for him to suddenly attack Deborah. After hearing that Deborah had been hospitalized, Edric was in full admiration for Steven. He was indeed a politician after all, he was vicious enough to think of such a way to deal with her. Edric had originally planned for Deborah to live a life worse than death. However now that Steven had already done what he wanted to do, he decided to just let it happen. He would let Deborah live out the rest of her life in an asylum. Edric also told Jordan about what happened and instructed him not to let Irene find out. They would talk about it once she had given birth. Naturally, Jordan agreed. For the past few days, Loraine had been thinking hard for a solution. Finally she thought of one. She wanted to attempt to mix a Plan B pill into Rosa's water and let her drink it. That way she would definitely have a miscarriage. However, how would she get Rosa to drink the drugged water? She had to find a way

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