Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 219 Awaken From A Coma

Chapter 219 Awaken From A Coma

"You are?" Jackson looked at that person doubtfully. He combed through his memory but could not recognise the man in front of him. "It's me, Larry! You don't recognize me anymore?" The man introduced himself. Jackson had no idea who Larry or Leslie or whatever name he had. From his name, he assumed that Larry had to be one of the less noticeable small fry gangsters that he used to hang out with. "Jackson, when did you come back?" Larry asked him. "I just came back today!" "Oh, how come no one knew about your return? My bad. Since I've run into you, let me welcome you back," Larry said as he reached out his hand and dragged Jackson over to his car beside him. Even a small gangster like him owned a car. Jackson himself did not even have a home. The comparison was depressing. However, having someone care about him was better than nothing. Jackson wanted to find someone to catch him up on what was going on anyway. So, he decided to follow Larry to

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