Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 220 Beaten Up On Sight

Chapter 220 Beaten Up On Sight

Edric nodded. Those b*tches were indeed so vicious that no words could be used to describe his anger at the moment. He really wanted to skin Marie, Loraine and Lily all alive. His mother was right! He had to take his revenge on them tenfold! Loraine had drugged Irene for three years to make her infertile. They had even secretly performed a tubal ligation on her. How abhorrent could one be! No matter what, he had to show her what he was made of. Previously, he had just planned to take back all the assets Loraine had earned from the Myers family. He just wanted her to suffer a little. However, now he realized he had been too generous. He had to let her have a taste of her own medicine! Jackson had already been released. At first, Edric was still hesitant. Now it seemed like he had been worried for nothing. He had to make Tommy see the truth! Deborah detested Rosa's guts. She immediately got Logan to go find out about what had happened to Rosa. Deborah was prep

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