Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 221 Blind In One Eye

Chapter 221 Blind In One Eye

Of course Tommy and his mother had no idea that Jackson was spying on them. Tommy grabbed Loraine's hand and begged, "Mom, I'm out of money. Please give me some allowance!" "I don't have any money," Loraine said frustratedly. "What about your salary this month? Haven't you gotten it yet?" Tommy had Loraine's salary in mind. "Edric hasn't been home in awhile. He called and said he'll come pay me my salary over the next few days." In the past, Edric had always deposited her salary right into her bank account. However, recently he had changed to paying her in cash. Since he was busy, he had not been able to come back and had instructed her to wait for a bit. The Myers family ran a large conglomerate so Loraine wasn't worried at all that Edric would not pay her. However Tommy was impatient, "Mom, give me some of your backup savings then." "I already gave you a portion of that last time. I'm not going to take out anymore. If I take too much out, nothing wi

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