Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 222 Self-Inflicted

Chapter 222 Self-Inflicted

After Loraine came out from the operating room, Hodge, the driver of the Myers family, came up to see her and said, "Who did you offend? Why have you become like this?" Hodge was very surprised to see her like this. "I have no idea as well! I got held up by someone and got beaten up. No one came to save me," Loraine felt immense hatred upon explaining herself. The security guards around the villa were usually pretty ruthless people. However, they had not even bothered to show up when she was getting beaten up. If they had shown up, then she would not have been beaten up to this degree. "How unexpected. How did you even get involved in such incidents?" Hodge sighed. "I've called Mr. Myers about your injury. He affirms that you rest well and that he'll never let off the person who had beaten you up. He has already asked the police to investigate. I believe we will get results soon." Loraine's heart was filled with hatred. She really wanted to cut that b*stard

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