Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 223 Did She Do It?

Chapter 223 Did She Do It?

During this period of time, Edric secretly visited Irene and Eden frequently. After a period of contact with Edric, Eden's bitterness towards Edric had reduced. He no longer refused his gifts and had started to talk to him. Edric was pleased with the change in Eden that had taken place. Apart from working in the company, and dealing with those evil b*stards, his free time was mainly spent with his son and Irene. Jordan's bitterness towards Edric had decreased as well. However, he was still a little worried when he saw how frequently he visited their home. Judging from Edric's actions, it was obvious that he was planning to reconcile with Irene. If Edric and Irene really were to get back together, what would happen to Nathan then? Nathan had waited for Irene for so many years, and his heart and feelings had never changed for her. There was no way for Edric to win at the most crucial part. Jordan was truly worried for Nathan. A few days ago, Nathan had said that he w

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